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Tunnel Camps

Step up your flying skills for the skies in the tunnel with us, and unlock the next level of your flying!

All levels of skills and experienced tunnel flying are welcomed. 

We currently book most of our tunnel camps in the listed tunnels below. But are always open for new places on request.

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The Tunnels

Windobona Madrid

Size: 15m hight, 4,3m diameter.

Top Speed: 280km/h

Technology: Skydiving Germany GMBH. (ISG GMBH)

Extra: Gym, EscapeRoom, Bar, 2000+ sqm of relax and briefing rooms.

Madrid, Spain.

Flyspot Katowice

Size: 12m hight, 4,2m diameter.

Top Speed: 330km/h

TechnologySkydiving Germany GMBH. (ISG GMBH)

Extra: Boeing 737-800 Simulator, In-House accommodation, bar.


Size: 17m hight, 4,3m diameter.

Top Speed: 295 km/h

Technology: AERODIUM Technologies

Extra: In-house accommodation, Indoor surfing, VR games, Restaurant, Sauna.

Katowice, Poland


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