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Fluid Dynamics Move

Learn the ins and outs of flying on moving jumps, from exit techniques, and approaches to the finesse of slot flying and break-offs in all orientations.

For lower experienced groups you will learn how to fly angles in groups on the belly and back. For higher experienced levels we will explore steeper angles, passing through vertical, flock and rolls, and head-up movements. For the experienced leveled groups we will connect all skills into dynamic movement jumps, integrating all elements into fun and challenging dive flows.

(registration opens 3 months prior and closes 14 days prior to the event​)

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Smaller groups/Workshops can be arranged on request and are highly recommended to progress to flying in bigger groups on events.

Minimum Skill Level Required:

  • Safely eexit, fly in your quadrant and break off from a 5-way track.

Minimum Experience Required:

  • 200 jumps (This may be higher depending on group compatibility for participants that have signed up)

Group Size: 6-7 +coach

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